Thanks to its wide range of products characterised by innovation, top quality, excellent durability and a good quality-price ratio, combined with flexibility in production and after-sales service, fast delivery and the ability to prepare even small orders tailored to customers’ needs, Decor Union 2000 is today at the forefront, constantly striving to meet the most varied needs of architecture and construction, improving not only the spaces, but also of the quality of life of those who live in them.

Gian Luca Cavazzoni, as company’s owner, explains: “Product selection and commercialisation are based on quality and respect for the environment, aesthetic appeal and market versatility, in order to meet the demand of a wide range of customers with a refined and modern taste. We are able to create ceramic products according to any specific requirement of our customers (e.g., colour, size, custom thickness) and offer an efficient after-sales service thanks to products always in stock, fast delivery and ongoing support from our staff.

One of our strengths is the ability to reproduce any image, drawing or effect (wood, marble, and the like) on our glass products. In addition, thanks to the latest digital technology, we also produce tables, sinks and kitchen tops obtained from porcelain stoneware slabs, either to our own design or to customers’ specifications”.

Decor Union 2000 Ceramiche

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